City Perks

There are days that are quite boring.. Classes all day, meetings at night. But, some days are super busy and filled with many fun things! LIKE TODAY! Today I spent my early afternoon studying at Forest Park at "my spot." I came with three friends. We spread out blankets down by the water, turned on... Continue Reading →

It’s About Who You’re With

Winston Churchill says it pretty well- Our life is made by what we give, rather than what we make. More specifically to me, my life is made by the experiences I have with people rather than what we do together. A lot of times my friends and family from home ask me what me and my friends... Continue Reading →

What Are Your Passions?

   During first semester I had guest speakers come into my OT seminars. One guest speaker really stuck out to me. She is a MOT II student, meaning she is in her final year of schooling, and she told stories of a summer she spent in Hawaii farming and learning meditation techniques while being in... Continue Reading →

No Shame.

If you've visited a college already, then you know what I'm talking about when it comes to student services. College offers a wide variety of student services, from tutoring and supplemental instruction (SI) sessions to Disabilities Services. You should be by NO means ashamed to take advantage of tutoring and SI sessions. Tutoring is one-on-one... Continue Reading →

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