What Are Your Passions?


During first semester I had guest speakers come into my OT seminars. One guest speaker really stuck out to me. She is a MOT II student, meaning she is in her final year of schooling, and she told stories of a summer she spent in Hawaii farming and learning meditation techniques while being in tune with her mind, body, and spirit. The farming and meditation techniques weren’t exactly what caught my interest, but they were still interesting to hear. 

What stuck out to me most was how passionate she was about her experience and how it shaped the way she saw the world and how she planned to go about her OT career. Towards the end of her speech, she emphasized how important it is to find something you’re passionate about and fully dedicate yourself to that passion. 

As you can see, I posted a picture of a baby. Some may call me baby crazy, and honestly I’d probably agree with that, but that is beside the point. 

I’ve always thought babies and kids in general were cute to play with and fun to be around, but the past year, and more specifically the past few months, I have noticed that there is much more to children than fun and games. 

I know what you’re thinking- screaming and messy diapers, that’s the other stuff. 

While that is true, it isn’t exactly what I was referencing. 

Last year I took Anatomy and AP Psychology. This year I am taking Human Growth and Development and Anatomy. In these classes, I have learned a great amount of information on the stages of growth and development that children, specifically those under the age of 3, undergo. It is very interesting to me and is easily relatable to real life situations. 

Last semester I volunteered at an inner-city elementary school in one of their kindergarten classrooms, and this semester I am volunteering at a nursery center and babysitting a 19 month old boy. I have already been able to apply things that I have learned in the classroom to my everyday life with these children. I can see how they’re developing and how their thinking processes are changing. I know how to encourage problem solving and I know techniques to access their abilities. 

More importantly, like the guest speaker, I will be able to apply this knowledge and passion in my own OT practice. 

I have spent many hours observing pediatric OT settings and will soon be observing in a NICU setting. My passion not only applies to my daily personal life, but can now apply to my studies and career. This passion will help guide my OT practice and allow me to be the best OT that I can be. 

Finding a passion that you can relate to far into the future is an amazing thing. While babies may be one of my passions, I know that I will discover many more. It just takes an open mind and an open heart to discover what your passions truly are. 

Keep in mind that passions can vary over time. Just because you’re passionate about something now, doesn’t mean you have to be passionate about it forever. You are not trapped. It is your choice and your desire. 

Find your passions and pursue them. Amazing experiences will come from it and you will be able to grow emotionally from those experiences. They will shape who you are. 

What are you passionate about?

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