It’s About Who You’re With


Winston Churchill says it pretty well- Our life is made by what we give, rather than what we make. More specifically to me, my life is made by the experiences I have with people rather than what we do together.

A lot of times my friends and family from home ask me what me and my friends do on the weekends, and I usually say that we just hang out with each other in our dorm.

I know that sounds incredibly boring. Why not go out and experience the awesome things that St. Louis has to offer? Well, we still do that, just not as often as other people. We enjoy each other’s company, just sitting around and playing games or watching movies. We don’t need anything special to have a good time.

Along with this, instead of going out and partying crazy on our Saturday like a lot of other college students, we all spent time volunteering for a medical organization that sends transporting and blood sampling tubes to countries in need of extra medical support. Not only was it rewarding, but it was a great time just spent together, sitting on a cold basement floor doing good that will, indeed, save people’s lives. I can’t say I’d rather spend my Saturday here in Saint Louis any other way or with any other group of people.

Just one full semester into college, I already feel like I’ve made a home here. I have an amazing group of friends, I found a church that I can call home, and I’m constantly encouraged to do more and grow in mind, body, and spirit.

Choosing SLU was an amazing choice. Their dedication to service is much greater than any other school that I’ve heard of. Yet, I’ve learned that service isn’t only about helping others. While that is obviously a very important part, it is also about growing closer to God. Today while doing service for the medical organization, I had several thoughts about the service we were doing for Him. It is intrinsically motivating. It helped me think on a deeper level about how I was affecting others through Him. While it wasn’t a religious organization, I knew that I was still doing service through His love.

SLU has already helped me grow in my own mind, body, and spirit, and I am very excited to see what more is to come. It is already providing me with what I wanted in a school.

Choose SLU!







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