City Perks

There are days that are quite boring.. Classes all day, meetings at night. But, some days are super busy and filled with many fun things!


Today I spent my early afternoon studying at Forest Park at “my spot.” I came with three friends. We spread out blankets down by the water, turned on some Spotify using my Bluetooth speaker, and studied, read, and relaxed. 

It was quite wonderful being outside and able to embrace the fresh air while soaking up the sun! Honestly, it is also one of the best ways for me to study- I can stay focused and still be happy with studying! 

I, of course, took some study breaks and watched those around me, and Flower and I took a short stroll around the park. Everyone there was so friendly! We were all so happy out there enjoying the weather. Everyone smiled as we passed and we even struck up a few short conversations with people in passing. 

After the park we decided to get lunch at The Loop, which was also very busy! Everyone was out-and-about! How wonderful! It is so nice having all of these amazing places right by each other. City living, am I right!?

Then we decided to do something fun-


Not only is St. Louis Zoo the 8th best zoo in the world, but it is also FREE. 

Yeah, that’s right! It’s free!!!!!!! 

How awesome is that? Actually, a lot of places in Forest Park are free! Go STL!

We walked around and saw several animals, which made Flower very excited! 

It was a lot of fun just hanging around and taking advantage of the city!

After those fun events, it was time for me to babysit- but I wasn’t babysitting just any kid. I was babysitting a family full of culture. The boy’s mom is Indian and his dad French. What a cultured family! Their apartment was filled with things from both cultures. It really opened my eyes up to even more diversity! He speaks three languages fluently and has traveled the world- all by first grade, I should add. What a lucky kid!

I have been so lucky and so blessed to have all of these wonderful opportunities open up to me this semester already. Some of which are outside of my comfort zone, but I’ve realized what a wonderful thing that is. 

I never thought I would like city living, but what have I always said? College is a time for me to figure out a lot more about who I am..

And man, I’ve learned a lot!

Here’s to more!

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