Sick Away from Home


Being sick away from home is never fun, especially not when you’ve got fevers, body aches, and coughs. All you wish for is to be home with your parents there to take care of you!

This is all part of growing up, you have to learn to deal with these things on your own.

The great thing about college compared to high school that I’ve realized is that the extra free time I get while at college is great when I’m sick because there’s a lot of time to rest. I’ve noticed several times at SLU that when I’m sick, I get over it much faster here than when I was busy in high school. (Knock on wood…)

My high school days consisted of getting up at 7AM, staying in school until 3:30PM, and then probably having something after school like band from 5PM-9:30PM, with homework in-between. Where is time for rest in there? There isn’t much room.

At SLU, I have hours to rest and get better. While I hate being away from home, I also know that I have amazing parents and a very supportive boyfriend that while they aren’t here with me, they’ll always help when I need it! They always have words of advice and know how to calm me down when I start to freak out.

I also have an amazing roommate who is very respectful of me being sick and only wants me to get better! Plus we disinfect everyday so that I don’t end up getting HER sick!

Must do’s:

  • Wash hands thoroughly – sing “happy birthday” 2x through
  • Disinfect the areas that are most touched (door handles, microwave buttons, light switches, remotes, etc)
  • Cover your mouth!!!! NOT WITH YOUR HANDS!
  • Try and stay in your own area of the room
  • Go to bed early
  • Take a LOT of vitamin C (I highly recommend Emergen-C)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Green Tea is a must
  • Keep other friends out while at risk
  • BE LAZY! (but not with the schoolwork!)
  • Talk to those you love, it’ll make you feel better!
  • Laugh
  • Eat well
  • Dress really warm when it’s cold out
  • See a doctor if it persists
  • Listen to the signs of your body (hunger, thirst, fatigue, cold, warm) and act on them
  • Take a warm shower or bath (but know that your temperature may rise after this)
  • Take medicine when needed..
  • Stay POSITIVE!


Stay healthy!





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