My NICU Experience

While I would love to disclose everything about my awesome & fabulous day at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in the NICU, I simply cannot. Not only is there too much to say, but there’s also legal shenanigans like HIPPA that restrict me from enlightening you with the specific details of my day.


I woke up this morning pretty nervous about the whole small babies in critical condition thing. I thought I’d love it but then I wasn’t too sure. Basically, the nerves started to kick in.

Today I had the privilege to work with infants that were just larger than my hand. We primarily worked on feeding, weaning onto pacifiers, getting used to touch from themselves, objects, and others, sitting with support, and finding a healthy balance between flexion and extension.

Something new to me was all of the isolation. I was in an out of gowns, gloves, and masks all day! (Which was fine with me because I was kind of cold to begin with).

While some may not be able to “handle” the NICU because of the state that they see these infants in, I believe that it is something I would love doing. I stayed 2 hours longer than I had planned, by choice, and I knew within the first hour that it was something that really caught my interest (and heart)! I had 7 1/2 hours of NICU goodness!

Unfortunately, in order to work in the NICU I will need at least 2 years of pediatric experience. I say unfortunately only because it means I’d have to wait longer to be in the setting of my dreams, but I know that I will also really enjoy working with Peds.

Long story short, I LOVE THE NICU! I felt like I belonged on Grey’s Anatomy!


Here’s to next time 🙂


FUN FACTS that I learned today..

  • The mother’s heartbeat is 90 decibels…talk about LOUD!
  • Babies sleep so much not only because they’re tired, but because they’re dreaming..which is a way to process the new world around them.

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