Color Run & Relay For Life 2016


Today marked two firsts of many, many firsts this year as a freshman at SLU. I participated in both The Color Run and Relay For Life!

My day started off with waking up at 6AM after a friendly sleepover to catch the metro into downtown St. Louis. We got there nice and early to take “before” pictures and so that we could be in the first wave of people- which we were! We were within the first 50-100 people to start the race! Woo! Walkers on the left, runners on the right. Guess which side we were on! (Left).

Every 1/2 mile there were color stations: orange, pink, blue, yellow, green, and glitter.

Enjoy my “before” and “after” pictures of The Color Run! It was an amazing experience and I had a TON of fun- thanks to the wonderful people I went with! Shout-out to Jimmy (LZ PAL), Kelsie, Kailey, Kelly, Madee, Tessa, and Madeleine! I may have only really met you all a few weeks ago, but these weeks have been some of the best I’ve had at SLU and I know we are going to stick together for a very, very long time! 🙂 GO CUPCAKE SEDUCERS!


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After a nice 2 hour nap and a much needed shower, I decided to continue my day with Relay For Life. Relay For Life is a 12-hour event that helps fundraise for cures for cancer. Here people are recognized for surviving cancer and passing on of cancer. Caretakers are also recognized.

During the Luminaria ceremony, we all walked around the track with a candle, listening to the names of those we honor, support, and have memory of. We were also encouraged to write down “why we relay,” in which I wrote that I relay for my grandparents Marilyn, Roger, and Sandy, as well as those who were like grandparents, Betty and Joe.

In honor of Marilyn & Roger

In support of Sandy

In memory of Betty & Joe

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Relay for LIFE has a main focus on the person’s LIFE- they’re real people, they have their own experiences, quirks, personalities.. lives. They all had their favorite baseball team and their favorite movie and song. They all had AND have a life worth celebrating.

I’d like to thank everyone who supported my journey with Relay For Life today by donating. I nearly doubled my fundraising goal in under 24 hours!

Thank you for making today as wonderful as it was!

So.. who would you relay for?

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