Let’s Celebrate!


End of The Year Celebration!

My freshman year is coming to a close in just a short 12 days… and I can’t believe it!

I feel like just yesterday I was taking four hours to move ALL of my stuff in the room, going to the soccer game, and visiting the rec center wondering what all of the machines really do (…or was that last week?)

People say that you change the most during your freshman year and I think that I can most definitely support that statement.

To name just a few things that I have learned…

  1. How to deal with people in constant close proximity
  2. How to live happily in what feels like a box – and that box is shared.
  3. How to manage my time a little bit better
  4. How to love and cherish home-cooked meals
  5. How to love and cherish those from back home
  6. That being in a long distance relationship made me a more confident individual
  7. That being in a long distance relationship made me value my relationship more
  8. That being present with those you are with is very valuable
  9. How to be sick away from home .. several times.
  10. How to actively seek out the things that I want
  11. How to ignore those who are being unnecessarily negative
  12. How to succeed in my classes
  13. How to handle conflict
  14. How to keep friendships from back home as if we never left
  15. How to steer clear from those who will take advantage of you
  16. What groups/clubs/organizations that make me feel loved
  17. How to better respect others
  18. How to stand out to possible employers / site coordinators
  19. How important diet and exercise are
  20. How to handle my own problems
  21. That focusing too much on a problem will only make it worse
  22. How to introduce myself to new people
  23. How to be a strong, confident, independent woman.. or at least I’m getting there.

Now, I couldn’t have learned all of these things on my own. There were definitely people along the way!

To name a few of the people that made my freshman year so great:

Tommy Greco, all of my LZ friends, Kailey McGinness, Kelsie Danchertson, Madeleine Kozak, Kelly Schweikert, Trevor Hanlon, Kayla Miller, Sabrina Nihsen, LCM loves, and all of my APO and Theta brothers and sisters.

This year wouldn’t be the same without all of you. You have been there for me during the low lows and the incredibly high highs. From dancing in the rec center, to several visits to The Cup, to spontaneous adventures like geocaching in the rain or hammocking, to my first elevator ride in 7 months (shout out: Madeleine), to color runs and concerts at Chaifetz, to the discovery of Jamba bowls, to Relay for Life, to chapter meetings, to LCM, to anatomy study sessions, to so so so so much more! The last month or two especially have been my favorite of the entire year. You are what make me feel that I have a true home-away-from-home. You make me smile when I don’t want to and make me cry when I think of summer months without you. I’m so blessed to have people like you in my life, and I’m glad I found you this early in my college career. You’re all so special, unique, smart, and fabulously amazing people.

Thank you for being you and leaving a big mark on my heart.

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Keep on keeping on,


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