Time Flies!

Biggest chess piece in the world- Central West End

Wow, I have been meaning to write another post for weeks now but college has just got me too busy this year! Here is a low down on what has happened in my last few weeks:

  1. Relay For Life


I started my Relay For Life ELT (executive leadership team) meetings! I am on the communications committee and am able to use my photography skills to help fight cancer…how cool is that?! Absolutely loving it so far!

I took this picture for family, obviously. Cancer affects too many families, and I’m glad I get to be part of the cure.

2. Kappa Alpha Theta- Recruitment!

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Even though practices for recruitment were long and many, I absolutely loved it! I got to meet so many amazing women in my chapter that I didn’t know and I gained so much confidence in myself! Theta makes me feel like I belong at SLU!

3. BID DAY!!!!

For those of you that don’t know, bid day is the day after recruitment weekend where we welcome our new members! I was so excited! Plus, I was on a recruitment team where I got to lead games and cheers during practices/bid day andI got to take our new members to Theta’s bid day celebration!

P.S. I don’t wear those gold metallic leggings on any regular day– our theme was the Olympics (take home the gold). Also I made that tutu, so if you’re in need of one then let me know! 😉

4. Lutheran Campus Ministry

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I went apple picking at Eckart’s Orchard with LCM and got some really amazing apples that the roomie and we made WICKED apple crisp with! Then, I spend 15 hour this past weekend hanging the picture walls and decorating the LCM house with fall decorations! It took a crazy amount of time, but I had a ton of fun doing it!  Hearing what people thought about it made everything worth it!



My parents came for a weekend which was super awesome because I missed them so much! I took them to the Loop to eat at Fitz’s (which I didn’t know they had never been to… oops!!) And I took them to my favorite spot in Forest Park and we walked off our lunch plus more! The next morning I took them to Rooster, a crepe place, and then we walked around the Central West End! My mom fell in love with the cute area over there, and I totally agree. I’m glad I finally got to show them more of St. Louis!


I think that’s all for now… wish me luck on the rest of my adventures! Here’s to an AMAZING semester!



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