Nashville, TN 2017

Nashville, TN 2017

The first portion of Spring Break consisted of me and a few other close friends from Lutheran Campus Ministry going on a service trip to Nashville, TN.


We left after classes and after a long drive arrived in Nashville around 6:30pm. We checked into our rental home after that and started to settle in. After we got settled and picked out our rooms, or rather our pull-out couches, we headed into the city.

Unfortunately, 5 out of the 6 of us are 1 year short of being 21 and we weren’t allowed in most of the places on a late Friday night. Maybe next year? We still had a lot of fun walking around and seeing the area- which was packed, by the way. Besides it being a Friday night downtown, Nashville was also hosting an SEC conference/tournament thing – AKA lots of people and expensive parking! After we got tired (and too cold) we went to visit the Parthenon.

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We decided to sleep in a bit and make a nice homemade breakfast in the rental house. Surprisingly, all of the students were up before our Pastor, PR! We ate an amazing biscuit and gravy breakfast thanks to Kelly’s signature dish.

After eating breakfast and getting ready for the day, we started to plan what we wanted to do around Nashville in our free time. We ended up walking around the Capitol building area and visiting the Tennessee State Museum.

After learning a lot about Tennessee settlement, we moved camp over to a hoppin’ BBQ place called Peg Leg Pig. It was on the list for one of the best BBQ places in Nashville and was more of a hole-in-the-wall find – those are always the best! We ordered plenty of food and shared it all family-style. After dinner, we danced our way over to Wild Horse Saloon for some line dancing. A few line dancing lessons and we fit right in …well maybe we weren’t that good, but we tried.

Once we finished dancing, we were all craving some ice cream and then headed back to the rental house to play some friendly, or not-so-friendly, card games.

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We decided that after a long day of touristing that we wanted to sleep in again. We made pancakes and eggs in the morning and then headed over to East Nashville to see some cute & small shops. We shopped at a rusty old bookstore which had an old life-sized fabric Grandma sitting in the middle of the room. Kailey, of course, just had to have a picture. Check out Kailey’s right side (facing the picture). Notice anything? Perhaps, the grandmas hand? Creepy.

After walking around East Nashville, we headed over to a Jazzy ELCA Lutheran service. We arrived a little early, so, as expected, we played on their playground. The service seemed more like a jazz concert with a few bible stories thrown in here and there, but it was still a very neat service!

After the service we went back to the house, made spaghetti, and played some more games.


We woke up early and headed over to Nashville General Hospital. NGH is a safety-net hospital, meaning that they will treat anyone and everyone who comes in needing care. We went through a short orientation and then headed our separate ways. Three people went to the physical / occupational therapy floors, one was a floater, and I went to the NICU.

You don’t know me if you don’t know my passion for the NICU. In the NICU I restocked supplies, answered the phone, passed on messages to mothers, changed the babies’ clothes, feed the babies, and learned how to watch their monitors. On top of this, I also got to learn a lot about the background of the babies in the room. I even got to see two circumcisions! 

After a long day volunteering, we headed back home, made dinner, had a faith-based discussion, and played games.


We, once again, woke up and headed over to the hospital for another hard day of work.

After the hospital we went to another BBQ place and discussed how Nashville compares to our homes and entered some deeper, though-provoking discussions.


We went to the hospital until around 12:00 and then headed back to the good ol’ STL.

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Thanks for an amazing few days, Nashville. Here’s to next time!

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