How I’m Kicking-Off the Christmas Season with Mono

I was diagnosed with Mononucleosis on Tuesday, November 28th, but have had it since roughly November 19th. With Mono comes extreme fatigue and swollen tonsils and glands that make it hurt to swallow and talk. I don’t mean strep throat kind of hurt- Mono takes it to a whole new level. Come to mention that strep throat has a treatment and the only “treatment” Mono has is 9-10 Ibuprofen a day.

At first when I got the doctor’s note that excused me from class the rest of the semester I was happy. I finally got to relax and try and fight off this illness! I got to watch TV all day on the couch, take baths, read books on my Kindle, play games on my phone. I even get a huge extension for all assignments and exams!

That gets old after about 3 days. I’m on day 13 and counting. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I love 2 things: Disney & Christmas.

I only get the few weeks between Thanksgiving and the start of winter break to celebrate Christmas with all the things that STL has to offer- like ice skating in Forest Park, looking at Christmas windows in the CWE, seeing the lit up Botanical Gardens, driving to see the various light shows like the one by Ted Drewes. I have 2 weeks between Thanksgiving break and Winter break to see those things that I’ve been talking about for months, except for now I might not be able to experience them this year at all since one week has already gone by. Instead, I’ll be hearing about all the fun Christmas parties and cool sights while I continue to lay on the couch with the exception of leaving my apartment to go to the doctor that is approx. 100 feet from my apartment building.

This post isn’t about a pity-party. Maybe it’s more so for me, a therapeutic way to handle what really is going on- missing all things holiday, all the end of the year/semester wrap-ups and celebrations.

So if you’re religious, please pray. If you’re not, send good vibes. Everything that can help speed up this healing process is worth it. Because Mono really does suck as much as people say it does.



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