5 Things I’ve Learned During My 26+ Days of Illness(es)

Being sick for 26+ days straight (Or, in other words, from Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas) with several different things isn’t exactly something someone plans for or looks forward to. You know those times when you get a cold and can’t breathe out of your nose at night and realize how thankful you are for being able to breathe out of your nose again? It’s that click of gratitude that you didn’t feel for the little things (& big things) before. So, without further ado…

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  1. I’ve learned to be thankful for the days that I can leave my apartment and see people. While I’m not the most extraverted person, I still enjoy going out and doing fun things with my friends! That’s one of the things that hit me hardest during this time- being stuck sick in my room.
  2. I’ve learned who really cares. When you’re locked up for about a month, you see who reaches out to you and who doesn’t. Sometimes it’s surprising! Even one text or one stop by to say “hello” can make all the difference.
  3. I’ve learned which activities (in general) I really missed doing and which ones I didn’t. In college people become so involved with so many different things around them without realizing the build-up. Society tells us that it is okay to be incredibly busy from sun-up to sun-down. Why do you think people are always saying things like “It’s Christmas already?! That felt like last month.” — they’re living life too fast. Now, I’m not advising to go cut things out of your life, but maybe reflect on what you really love to do and make more time for those things.
  4. I’ve  learned that the mind-body connection is real. I was always in-between if it was some voodoo stuff or if it was a legit thing, but it is real… in my opinion. I’ve learned that the mind can have so much power over how you feel. My mom always taught me to think positive and I’d feel better, which I noticed has worked, but it’s when you’re sick for a longer period of time that it makes you realize exactly what that means. It’s not only being positive, either. It’s also about really connecting your mind to your body, which I know sounds super bizarre. Most of us live a life so separated, putting the mind in one box and the body in another, if you will. Learning to connect those two things has been a huge challenge for me, but I definitely want to keep trying because it makes all the difference.
  5. Similar to the previous two things that I’ve shared, I’ve learned how important rest is. I say this is similar to the above because so often we think that we can zoom back into life, but soon realize that our body has a different plan for us- to get us back in bed. Learning when all of ourself is ready to move on is important, because typically our body needs longer than we’d prefer

Here’s to a road to recovery! (How many times have I said that in the past few weeks?) While I hate that I have been sick so long, I’m also grateful for the things that I have been able to learn because of this experience and am excited to use these things in my life moving forward.



1 thought on “5 Things I’ve Learned During My 26+ Days of Illness(es)”

  1. Hey Alison, so sorry to hear you are sick, I also had Mono in High school so I know what you are going through! As for recovering, it will come, don’t rush it and relapse! My appendix ruptured on 11/9/17, so I had emergency surgery and spent 3 1/2 weeks home going slightly nuts. I am finally back to work, although still moving slowly, it gets better every day! You will get there and be back to normal soon!

    Auntie Nancy


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