How To Ease Travel Anxiety

It’s no secret that I’m one that worries about anything and everything. I’ve always been this way- ask my parents (or my second-grade teacher). There was always something to worry about. While I’ve definitely gotten better, I still have a long way to go. I also learned that not everyone can be as worry-free and care-free as we once hoped.

How To Ease Travel Anxiety

Here are a few things that I’ve found help ease my anxiety about traveling. Keep in mind that this anxiety can stem from both nerves and excitement- it doesn’t always come from a bad place, I just might be a little more hyperactive in my worries than others.

The first thing that I do to ease travel anxiety is make lists. Lists are great. I make a list of things that I need to do before I leave and a list of things that I need to pack. I find everything that I need to pack and put it in a designated area of the room. Then, once everything (or most things) are gathered, I start to place them in my travel bags. Once something is in my bag I cross off the item so that I know I don’t need to go looking for it later. Doing this takes a lot of worry out of the “did I pack that yet!?” situation. Having everything packed is an easy way to feel less stress about the upcoming day(s). Similarly, I cross off what I’ve completed on my to do list.

The second thing that I do is like a list but a bit different. I recently discovered this technique and it actually worked really well. I thought that maybe thinking through everything that will happen the day I leave would help ease pre-travel anxiety. I find myself a quiet area, most likely in my bed right when I wake up as my mind starts going crazy for what I still need to do & what is coming up. Once I am settled, I think about all of the events that will be taking place- something about “pre-living” it helps me realize that I’ve got everything under control as much as I can. For example, I’ll think a line of thoughts similar to these:

Wake up 4:30AM. Get ready. Load car. Leave home 5:00AM. Get to airport 5:30AM. Go thru security. Find terminal. Pee 30 min before boarding time. Locate ticket. Board plane. Fly. Get off plane. Find tram. Take tram to other part of airport. Get off tram. Locate bus area. Find ticket. Check-in. Wait for bus. Get on bus. Take bus to hotel. Check-in at hotel. AND VACATION!!!!!!!!!

Something about picturing what you need to do helps ease a lot of the nerves. It might not work for everyone, but it’s worth a try. It even helps when you do it more than once, whenever you start to feel yourself get nervous/excited. Maybe it’s the act of thinking about it, maybe it’s the act of focusing on something and not allowing the mind to wander. Either way, it helps me and I’m glad I figured it out!

These few ways to help ease travel anxiety are definitely worth a try… a warm bath with a book doesn’t hurt either!

Traveling can be and IS stressful. Some handle it better than others- but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is what makes YOU feel at ease so that you can rock your time off!




3 thoughts on “How To Ease Travel Anxiety”

  1. I like the visualisation as well – it preempts so many of the things that might happen, so that I can enjoy the moment more rather than spending all the time getting used to a new situation and not actually enjoying it! Kx


  2. Great ideas. The visualization exercise – seeing yourself successfully go through all the steps – is very helpful and is a common technique that athletes, speakers, businesspeople, etc., go through before their performance. I would add finding a few Bible verses that speak to anxiety – there are tons of them, which means that Jesus knew this would be an issue for people – and reading them and personalizing them and praying them is helpful as well. Happy travels! 🙂


  3. This is pretty much me when travelling! Before I leave the house I have to make sure I have made my bed, somehow this relaxes me and I leave packing my hand luggage until the last thing so I know exactly what is in it 🙂 great post


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