Personal Journey

Disney Trip 2018

Trev and I chose to embark on a journey to Disney World…by ourselves.

We will be updating this post at the end of every day so that we can add the fun adventures that we had! Be sure to come back and look at our next adventure.

Day 1: Travel & Magic Kingdom

We kicked the day off with waking up at 4:15am so that we could leave at 4:45am to head to the airport. Talk about EARLY! After getting through security, finding our gate, and getting a bagel, we boarded our 7:15am flight.

We had a mainly smooth flight that I mostly slept through and landed on time. Then we headed off to the magical express. Luckily we got to walk right on the bus with no wait and were able to leave right away! Thirty minutes later we arrived at our resort and checked in. Even better luck came along after that because not only was our room already ready, but we also got a newly refurbished room! Disney Magic always coming in clutch.

After getting settled into our room, we took the bus to Magic Kingdom so that Trevor could see the magic everyone imagines when they think Disney- the castle. His eyes when seeing it for the first time was like seeing a child seeing the castle for the first time. I guess Walt Disney was right when he said it would be a place where adults can act like kids too!

While at Magic Kingdom, we stopped for lunch at Cosmos Ray’s Starlight Café. Then we went on Winnie the Pooh (which you’d think would be a sort of lame first ever ride at Disney world, but Trevor’s face was once again priceless!) After that, we went on It’s A Small World, People Mover, Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, & Space Mountain. The three coasters we went on back-to-back which meant sitting down for a bit afterwards to regain our balance so that our lunch stayed down. Next we grabbed a bite to eat (amazing hot dogs and corn dogs.. with apple slices of course to balance out the fries from lunch) from Casey’s Corner and sat on the side of Main Street to eat and people-watch.

Lastly, we ended the night with the castle show and fireworks! I can’t say one of us didn’t get teary-eyed during their first viewing. Does that give away who it was? Sorry, Trev. But let’s be honest- the show was AMAZING.

Here are a few pics from today:

Day 2: EPCOT

We spent this morning sleeping in so that we could recover from our long day yesterday. When we woke up we checked the weather and saw that it was supposed to storm all day- darn… Except for the fact that it didn’t rain one bit! The luck comes back again.

We kicked off EPCOT with viewing the ball and taking our picture. Somehow Tink photobombed it!

After this we went to browse in Mouse Gears and try some sodas from around the world at Club Cool. Warning: don’t try the one from Italy.

Throughout the day we walked around the countries, rode on Frozen, Soarin’, Living With The Land, Spaceship Earth, Nemo, walked around the aquarium, and explored through the new attractions of Innoventions. Here are a few photos from throughout the day:

We ate lunch lunch at France and had AMAZING ham and cheese sandwiches. We both highly recommend them!

The few new things at Innoventions were Colortopia and the SpectactuLab. Colortopia was based off of Inside Out and consisted of several different parts. First you enter a room that surrounded you in colors as you’re educated about the effects of color on the brain/moods. Then there are a few interactive aspects that test your ability to create and paint. It was so much fun! The SpectactuLab was about science and consisted of a host and two real scientists. It went over how science and technology relate. They also talked about pressure and surface area and how one of the scientists could lay down on a bed of nails and not get stabbed due to the large surface area. The more area, the less pressure exerted on a certain point.

Today was a great day! We even got to end it with special dock seating to watch the fireworks, thanks to my brother and his friend who is a firework technician there. The perfect end to the perfect day!

Day 3: Hollywood Studios

Today we planned on going to EPCOT to chill in the morning and head over to Hollywood Studios in the afternoon. Unfortunately, my body had a different plan and we ended up having to stay back at the hotel until Hollywood Studios. (I had a bad reaction to Zinc).

Once we got to Hollywood Studios we went straight to our lunch reservations at Mama Melrose’s. Trevor ate all 7 slices of bread before his meal came because he was so hungry from being in the room. For his actual meal he had Parmesan chicken and noodles and I had Mama’s Italian Pasta which consisted of 27 cloves of garlic- which no, I didn’t eat. Both of our meals were really good!

Then we went over to our first fastpass which was Indiana Jones. We got to sit in the Center third row from the front. It was a great view and a really cool show! I can’t remember the last time I went and saw it, so it was fun to experience it again.

Then we went to Disney Presents which is a walk-through mini-museum about Walt Disney and future plans for Hollywood Studios – TOY STORY LAND!

After that we went to our next fastpass of Tot Story Mania, which trevor really loved because he loves Toy Story. It was super fun and our scores at the end were comparable, but we all know who won (me, 154,000. Trevor 148,000).

Then we scored some great spots to view the Star Wars Fireworks!

Once we got to the park, the day was pretty good! Hoping for smooth sailing from here.

Day 4: Animal Kingdom & Dinner w/Grandpa&Judy & Disney Springs

Today we went straight to Animal Kingdom. We saw It’s Tough to be a Bug, the Lion King live, and the Nemo musical. We also ate at Pizzafari, which had yummy flatbreads.

Then we went on Dinosaur, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Flight of Passage. We wanted to go on River Journey as well, but the line was way too long. Thank goodness we had fast passes for Flight of Passage because the wait time for stand-by was up to four hours at one point. Wow! P.S. I would not recommend Flight of Passage for those who are claustrophobic or are prone to motion sickness. The motion sickness is less of a concern, but if you are claustrophobic then you 100% should not go on this ride.

After Flight of Passage we headed over to the Polynesian to meet up with Grandpa and Judy. We ate at Kona Cafe. Judy and I had the Asian Noodle Bowl and Trev and Grandpa had a Swordfish soup and noodle dish.

After dinner Trevor and I got a ride back to our hotel from Grandpa and Judy. Due to the amazing weather today, we took a quick dip in the pool/hot tub and then went over to Disney Springs to look around at World of Disney. Finally we took the bus back and got ready for bed and another big day tomorrow!


Day 5: Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom

We started off our day early and headed straight to Hollywood Studios because Trevor wanted a picture with Buzz and Woody. We were hoping to be able to ride Toy Story Mania too since we were there at opening but the line was all the way down the road already!

Then we left and headed toward the bus. We were waiting for the Contemporary bus so that we could walk over to Magic Kingdom. A white van pulled up to the bus stop and asked us where we needed to go, so naturally we took up the offer for the personal ride. Who says you shouldn’t get into a white van with a stranger? (Don’t worry- the ride was totally legit).

Once we got to Magic Kingdom we went on Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear. Then we went to our reservation at Be Our Guest and had sandwiches and THE GREY STUFF CUPCAKE ❤️

After lunch we went on The Little Mermaid, Jungle Cruise, and the People Mover.

Then we left the park to take the monorail on a resort tour to see the Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian. We took our time at the Polynesian and had a Dole Whip and walked by the beach.

After that we headed back to the park and went on Pirates of the Caribbean, Carousel of Progress, Buzz Lightyear again, Peter Pan, and walked around the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. We happened to get stuck on the Buzz Lightyear ride which led to Trevor maxing out his score -which I’ve never seen happen before! He was a galactic hero. Also, we must add that Peter Pan was one of the worst rides ever for both the ride and the line. The line took 65 minutes which was okay until we realized why. The man who was working the part of the line where the fastpass and standby merge was letting only 5 standby people for every 20 fastpass! We finally got on the ride and within the blink of an eye it was over. The shortest ride I’ve ever been on. No wonder I haven’t been on it in years!!

Then we got AWESOME seats for the castle show and fireworks! But our night didn’t end there. After getting back from MK we changed clothes, made ourselves look nice, and went to Disney Springs for a photo shoot, courtesy of my annual pass.

It was a fun-filled day!

Day 6: Epcot & Boardwalk

We spent the majority of the day at Epcot. First we used our fastpasses at the Character Spotlight to take pictures with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. Then we walked around the countries to explore the Festival of the Arts. We even found Pluto on the way! The Festival was really cool to look at because of all of the paintings and fancy foods.

Next we went to our lunch reservation at Les Chefs de France! Then we went on Figment, Test Track, and Soarin.

Since I usually stay at the Boardwalk, I wanted to show Trevor what it looked like. We walked over to boardwalk and stopped to have a bite to eat at the creamery. It was delish!

After the boardwalk we headed back to Epcot and went on The Land and went to the Odyssey to take a free class on how to draw Minnie Mouse! We also stopped in the Pixar show where you get to watch a few of Disney and Pixar’s best short films.

We ended the night & trip with watching Illuminations. We are sad to be leaving, but happy to be leaving before the cold front kicks in again!

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