The Power of With

My last post touched on beingwithJesus, but today I'm going to go into more depth.  When you are with someone, there is a sense of understanding, support, and genuine and encouraging conversations and interactions. Do any of you find it difficult to be with someone who you can't actually see or hear? I struggle with this... Continue Reading →

Fast Faith & Spiritual Spikes

I was on a retreat this past weekend and we learned something about faith that was always in the back of my mind, but was never really brought to the surface. It's so obvious, yet so many of us overlook it. Faith isn't something that you wake up with. Yes, one can surrender their life... Continue Reading →

My Journey for Wisdom?

I've gotten a few questions curious as to why I chose my blog title to be "My Journey for Wisdom". I decided to explain this a little bit further so that you can better understand my intent for this wonderful experience. My "About" page explains it in short, but here I'm going to go into... Continue Reading →

Our Apartment Flooded!

Imagine yourself walking to your apartment and seeing stain marks of dirty water streaming from your door to the drain in the hallway. Kailey and I looked at the stains and immediately thought about how we didn't want to open the door. We knew that as soon as that door swung open, there was no... Continue Reading →

My Approach to Lent

Growing up I was never involved with giving up something for lent. I heard a lot about my classmates in middle school and high school giving up something like chocolate or video games for lent, but I never did anything myself. One Sunday my Pastor from home mentioned that maybe lent can be more than... Continue Reading →

My Vision Board – 2018-2023

I decided to make a vision board for the first time in forever.. mainly as a way of procrastinating. What? Anyway.. Here's my 5-year vision board! Graduate with my Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy degrees Get engaged to the man of my dreams Get a dog (maybe) ... this lovely *hypoallergenic Samoyed Get married to... Continue Reading →

STL Photography!

We are all stuck inside so that we don't have to experience the cold windchill, snow, and ice.  How about we look toward something more pretty and colorful? Here is a compilation of all of the nature photos in St. Louis (plus one or two elsewhere) that I've taken and am most proud of! Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Live Fearless ~ Part One

Reaching out above the water, trying not to drown. So close to freedom, what is pulling me down? How do I fight it? Where do I find my strength? I've started reading more often because, well, why not? I decided to get Sadie Robertson's new book Live Fearless. The great thing about it is that... Continue Reading →

Expectations of God?

Hi all- Last Sunday I was at church and I was experiencing some mild stomach discomfort at the beginning of the service (and just before arriving). The church always starts out with a few songs of contemporary worship- the kinds of songs like "No Longer Slaves" or "Oh My Soul". During this time I decided... Continue Reading →

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