Personal Journey

Live Fearless ~ Part One

Reaching out above the water, trying not to drown. So close to freedom, what is pulling me down? How do I fight it? Where do I find my strength?

I’ve started reading more often because, well, why not? I decided to get Sadie Robertson’s new book Live Fearless. The great thing about it is that she is the same age as I am and what she went through in her recent past is parallel to the life I’ve been living for years: in fear & with anxiety, for no reason.

She had a realization that she didn’t want to be part of the statistic that says more than 40 million Americans ages 18+  suffer from an anxiety disorder. She knew that in order to get herself out of that statistic she wouldn’t be able to do it alone. She needed God.

FalseEvidenceAppearing Real.png

How relatable is that? No one wants to be part of a statistic having to do with an illness or disease. I can honestly say that I don’t- yet I am part of that statistic. I’ve tried it all- therapy, medicine, deep breathing, etc. It just hasn’t pulled me through all the way. It’s gotten me close, but part is still stuck. It’s like I’m reaching out above the water, gasping for air, but part of my foot is stuck in something in the water, begging me to come back down into the darkness. I look up and see the light, inching my hand closer and closer to safety above me. I think that if I can just get my head above water, one more deep breathing exercise or one more therapy session, then I can find myself to shore. Little did I know, I wouldn’t ever be able to get my head above the water on my own. I needed someone’s help. I needed to reach out to the Lord, grab onto him, and He would pull me out of my darkness.

It took me awhile to realize that no matter what I did, no matter how many times  I called my mom mid-panic, I wouldn’t get over this anxiety without His help. Sadie, the author of Live Fearless, realized this as well. Here are a few amazing things that I’ve learned from her experience.

  • “When God sees you moving toward freedom, He’ll do everything He can to help you get there” (p.xvi)
  • “Tell your fear to leave you alone in Jesus’ name … trust God while you’re still afraid. You see, often your peace is waiting for you on the other side of trust” (p.7)
  • “I understand that you’re afraid, but that’s not the truth” (p.13)
  • “Is this the fear talking, or is this you talking?” (p.15)
  • “We can break free from fear if we can learn to let God lead us instead of letting fear control us” (p.19)
  • “…even though the circumstances were hugely intimidating, God was even bigger; He still is, and He always will be” (p.20)
  • “I kept getting a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen. I thought that feeling was God’s attempt to earn me not to go. When I told my mom about it, she said, ‘God does not produce feelings of fear or anxiety. In face, it’s the opposite. God’s Word tells us over and over again not to worry or fear and is very clear that God doesn’t give you a spirit of fear, but s Spirit of power. If you’re anxious or fearful about this, that is not from Him'” (p.26)
  • “When we stop praying for God to change our circumstances and start asking Him to change our hearts, that’s when we experience the peace that passes understanding” (p.28, Philippians 4:7)
  • “God, I need the power in the name of Jesus to break this fear off of me” (p.30).
  • “Faith and fear both involve belief, and they both involve believing things we cannot see” (p.35)
  • (In relation to David in 2 Samuel) “When he cried to God, it was in the context of a relationship, not merely to save his life” (p.57)
  • “God has already conquered the fear that tries to consume us” (p.62)


I hope through reading this you learned some things too!


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