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Our Apartment Flooded!

Imagine yourself walking to your apartment and seeing stain marks of dirty water streaming from your door to the drain in the hallway.

Kailey and I looked at the stains and immediately thought about how we didn’t want to open the door. We knew that as soon as that door swung open, there was no going back.

We opened the door and stared into our room. Dirty water filled the floors from our kitchen into half our bedroom. The living room was okay except for the back corner where water seeped from the bedroom, through the wall, and into the living room. We both walked around, splashing our feet in this unknown brown-ish liquid, completely shocked. Disaster has struck.

After we finished looking around our wet and smelly room in awe, I started making phone calls. I called our Department of Public Safety (DPS) to get emergency maintenance, facility services, and the Marchetti facilities supervisor (whom I have a personal phone number of from other apartment issues). He had already heard from me earlier this week about our bedroom wall starting to bubble, crumble, and fall due to a rain leak. When he heard I was calling about a water issue, he first assumed it had to do with that- NOPE! This problem was much worse and much more immediate. He dashed over along with 2 DPS officers, a 5-man facility management crew, and a water damage company. We had a party of people in our room within minutes.

At first, each step that people took in the water, sloshing it around even more, got me more fumed. Let’s not move the water around more, people! After what seemed like less than a minute, I was over it. Our room was wet and there was no going back.

Within 10 minutes of trying to figure out where the leak came from, the figured it came from a rusty hole in our sink septic system. I could go into further details, but I don’t want to put you to sleep. Basically, the water ran behind our sink, under our stove, and into the rest of the room. At this point, there really was no going back!

Most people at this point would break down, upset about their belongings and wallow in their sadness. While I was upset, and very angry with SLU’s housing department, I knew that wallowing in it wasn’t going to change anything. I knew that I had to start moving forward, because there was no going back in time.

We moved things around, told the water damage company what to take and get cleaned, and had extensive conversations with housing on how much money we pay to live on property to have constant issues, this one pushing us over the top. Remember those housing contracts you have to sign? Well apparently in tiny print on that long document no one ever reads there is something that tells you that if you want you can get renters insurance through an outside company if you wish. WHO GETS RENTERS INSURANCE WHEN THEY LIVE ON CAMPUS? 

Anywhoo, things could be much worse. We are happy to be able to stay in our apartment even though we have 4 industrial sized fans (LOUD!) and 2 de-humidifiers. Luckily, we will be on a retreat this weekend and won’t have to worry about sleeping with the loud noise too long #GodMoment. Thanks to my WONDERFUL boyfriend, we have a place to hang out during the day while we can’t stand being in our room.

Enjoy some pictures of the room!!!!!

Ah, the sweet reflection of water…
Here we are posing outside the water damage truck


Wanna splash around?


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