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How to Hear God’s Voice

Hearing God is something that I find extremely difficult. How am I, a 21 year-old girl, supposed to have the wisdom to be able to understand what God is trying to tell me? Sure, it’s easy to talk TO God, but to get things in return?

How to Hear God's Voice

While I was on a retreat last weekend, we did an exercise where we reflected on a reading and took five minutes to be silent with God. This definitely wasn’t the first time I’ve done this, as it was something we did often on my high school mission trips during our morning devotional time. In high school I used that time to reflect on the reading we were given and what I was going to do the rest of the day. I didn’t understand what it meant to really be with God ( <– see my last post). 

As I was sitting there, uninterrupted, waiting for something spectacular to pop into my mind, I got….. nothing. Absolutely nothing. God was obviously not there, right? Wrong.

Towards the very end of this activity, I went up to the leader and asked how someone is supposed to hear Him, anyway. He prayed for me and then went into explaining the different ways that you can hear and connect with Him


Scripture is a very powerful thing. This was written by those who knew Jesus and who had a personal relationship with Him. I’m not saying that we can’t have that kind of relationship, because we can, but I mean they actually saw Jesus in His physical form.

Sometimes you’ll run across scripture that seems to really relate to your life, like a verse about comfort, strength, anxiety, or trust. I used to think that this was just a fine coincidence. It’s all over the bible! But guess what? Maybe it was God’s way of reminding you that you are loved and taken care of. He can “speak” to you through scripture!


Worship time is one of my favorite parts of church. I love connecting to others and to God through song. I love how open and carefree everyone is during this time – it allows you to be vulnerable with God.

The song that always gets me going is No Longer A Slave which talks about no longer being pushed down by fear, because God has your back and loves you more than you could even imagine!

Closing your eyes and really listening to worship songs really helps me feel the comfort of God. Worship can move me more than anything else.

Other People

Did you know that people you talk with everyday can be a light of God? It’s true! Have you ever been dealing with something and someone comes up to you right when you need them to? Or have you ever been frustrated and questioned if God was really there? I bet those people have told you how much you’re loved and how you have all the support and love you could ever want- through them AND through Christ. Or what about when someone says just what you need them to, without them even knowing it? Or those awesome testimonies you hear about how God has worked through their life and you think that maybe that could happen to you too!

“Hearing” God can be really hard. I know that some people say they have visions or actually hear His voice, but I’m not one of those. I don’t even know how that is possible, if I’m being honest. I know God is an all-powerful God, but I think that being close to Him is one of the most complicated, but also one of the most simple, things in the world. This is why having a strong community is so important! You can all learn from each other, so what I’ve learned now I hope to pass on to you. Can you guess what my next post will be about?

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1 thought on “How to Hear God’s Voice”

  1. Every son and daughter of the Living God can hear His voice. As the song says, he is a good, good Father. What good Father would not talk to His kids? Jesus said that we are His sheep and His sheep know His voice. We ALL can hear Him if we know Him. He is a loving, close, personal, intimate God. He delights in hearing from His kids and in talking to them. And He has wired each of us uniquely. He communicates with each one of us, and we can learn to pick up His voice–like tuning in to our own personal radio station with Him. There are a myriad of ways He talks to us–through Scripture and worship, as you point out; through friends and strangers and nature; through a “knowing” in our spirit; through words or phrases or sentences He gives us; through images and “movie scenes” that He shows us in our mind; through billboards and movies and books–and I’m not talking about the primary messages of those billboards and movies and books, but what the Holy Spirit tells you, nudges you about, whispers to you about them; through trials and tragedies and triumphs and joys; through our senses; through any number of ways. The beautiful thing is He is ALWAYS with us and NEVER tires of talking to us or hearing our thoughts and prayers and concerns. It is not that He isn’t talking to us; it is that we haven’t yet learned to pick up on all the ways that He is talking to us. But there are ways to sharpen our hearing, and, like anything else, the more you practice it, the better you become at it. 🙂

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