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Your Purpose: Defeating Low-Self Esteem

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and just didn’t like what you saw? Have you ever heard yourself on tape and think about you hate the sound of your voice? Do you look at your drivers license photo or student I.D. and wonder why you don’t look like how you really want to look? Have you ever seen someone else’s instagram post and wondered why their life looks so awesome when you’re an average everyday human?

I love to break it to you.. all of your thoughts are lies. Unfortunately, these lies are all too common.

Your Purpose_-2.png

In todays world we are so drawn toward comparing ourselves to others. We look at other people’s instagram pages and wish that we had what they have. They have the cutest wedding photos, the most adorable love story, and the most precious newborn. You see the surface level of their lives. Not very many people post photos on Instagram about how they had the biggest fight with their husband ever last night or that their baby had a huge diaper explosion over the entire new couch or that they have sweat stained shirts from their terrorizing surface-level anxiety. Enter an earlier stage of life- looking at people with the best grades, the most impressive resumes, and the #goals relationship. People post about the best versions of themselves, and sometimes just plain false versions of themselves- they post about the person they want to be rather than the person they really are.

My point with this post is to tell you that you were created in a beautiful way. God didn’t make a mistake when creating you. You aren’t a late add-on item to his creation. He made you with a purpose and He loves you the way you are.

So many people my age struggle with images of themselves- part of this is a blame of social media, but there’s so much more to that. I don’t want you, no matter your age, to look at yourself in the mirror and hate what you see. Next time these thoughts go into your mind, I want you to stare at yourself and say….

God made me for a reason. He made me with a purpose. I might not know that purpose yet, but I am here to make a difference. God made me beautiful. He loves me for who I am. I am going to love myself for who I am, even if it’s hard sometimes. I will not struggle through this alone, but with Jesus.

I’m not writing this post because I’ve struggled with problems of body image myself, but because we talked about it at small group and I felt inclined to write about it afterwards. I don’t mean to diminish the fight that people have to go through to overcome these challenges, and I don’t mean to make this sound like such an easy solution. I know that is not true!

I’m asking you to tell yourself how loved you really are. This world tells us that value and success are based on what you have and what you make. There is so much more to you than that. You are a complex story and you have an amazing story to tell.

If you feel that God is telling you to let go of that anxiety, pain, sadness, anger… whatever it may be but you also feel that letting go of that is too far out of reach, then I ask you to see Luke chapter 1.

Here we see Mary wondering “how can this be?” that she could have a child. A few versus later we see it says that “nothing is impossible with God.” Believe, don’t just say it!

Do you think that you’re past repair? Do you think that it’s impossible for you to feel great about yourself (in any and every aspect)? Have no fear, for God is with you and anything is possible through him. See Philippians chapter 4 for more proof on that one.. I’m sure you’ll recognize it!

I challenge you (and I say challenge for a reason) to open yourself up to loving who you are and to knowing and believing that you are beautiful and that you have so much to live for. 

Invite Jesus in to be a part of your future, because he is SO ready! 

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