Personal Journey

Summer 2018 Plan!

I had my one glorious week of summer at home before I had to return to St.Louis for work and to prepare for the start of my lab. This summer I will be focusing on blogging about 3 different themes.

  1. Of course, I will be writing about the reason that I am in St.Louis this summer. If you look at the top menu bar on every page, you will see that there is a page titled “Cadaver Lab Journal”. I will be writing about my experiences adapting to the uncomfortable position of being a student in a cadaver lab, incisions and all. Have no fear, though. I can’t take any pictures so you don’t need to be worrying about that!
  2. I have a goal of writing about fun and random things throughout the summer. Things like what I’d want my last meal to be, a letter to my 16-year-old self, a book review, and many more. Suggestion?? Fill out the comment box below. 

  3. I will continue to write about faith-based topics. One specific post that I have in mind is about finding the right church for you and how tough my journey has been to find a church [not part of campus ministry] that I’d want to call home.

You’ll hear from me soon! Don’t forget to put in some suggestions above!


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