Personal Journey

please, make it stop…

I came home from work tonight and laid in my bed while I scrolled through social media. I saw some stuff about a new celebrity baby, a load of things on the royal wedding, and then I saw that picture…

I feel like we have said this many times… that this will be the last.

It’s never the last.

I should not have to fear my cousins going to school every day.

I should not have to fear walking into class and never walking back out.

This shooter took it to the next level. Not only did he shoot, but he planted explosives where he knew people would run. Now it’s not even enough to get out of the building.

When will it stop? Thoughts and prayers aren’t enough!

When will our government learn that THESE LIVES ARE IMPORTANT?

It shouldn’t have to happen to someone you know for it to be deemed relevant and important to you.

Please, make it stop.

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