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Gross Anatomy – Week 2 & 3

Wow. As you saw in my previous post from week 1, gross anatomy has been keeping me busy! Between class, studying, dissections, and work, I feel like I only have extra time to sleep, eat, and watch the occasional Psych episode.

Gross Anatomy Week One

Last week was incredibly overwhelming. We had 2 lectures one day because we had a prosection instead of a dissection. (prosection: already dissected). Having 2 lectures in one day means DOUBLE the information that needs to be memorized for the exam which means DOUBLE the stress moving forward. Thankfully the past entire week was solely devoted to studying whenever possible.

We dissected the rest of the back, the chest up until the abdomen, and the neck. I was really nervous about dissecting the neck because the closer to the head we got, the more nervous I got. The head just makes it all the more real. Luckily after a few days of dissection and studying the neck, I am now alright with seeing the head and am getting more comfortable for further dissection, though of course the face will still be s struggle at first. I’m going to have to be okay with it by the end of June because thats when I have to dissect the eye out of the eye socket…

Then I spent 5 solid hours in exams yesterday and completed my first gross exam!!! Only 3 more exams to go & 7 more weeks, here we goooo!!!




1 thought on “Gross Anatomy – Week 2 & 3”

  1. Hang in there. You have done so well and you can handle it all. That’s what college is all about. Just keep up the good work. Love you. Grandma

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