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Gross Anatomy Weeks 4-7?!

Wow, again. Wow.

I promise you that I had all the right intentions with this gross anatomy journal. I was planning on writing at the end of every single week with the experiences of the highs and lows of lab and life surrounding it, but that obviously has not happened.

This class is a LOT of work that should not be underestimated. It’s hard for me to even think back to what I did during week 4 and 5. It’s so hard, that I’m actually going to have to look at my syllabus to remember what week was what.

Week 4 and half of week 5 I dissected the lower neck, armpit area, arm, forearm, and hand. This was by far my favorite section so far. I thought that the arms and hands were incredibly interesting and I actually enjoyed learning about them and going into lab to study them! It’s so neat that you can pull on a tendon in the forearm and move a finger. It really makes you think more about how the body works like a machine that needs multiple parts in order to work correctly.

The later half of week 5 and all of week 6 was focused on the skull, face, and eye region. This was by far my least favorite section so far, and I assume it will always remain in last place. The face is really hard to disconnect yourself from. It makes the person seem fully human, which they are, but theres a certain amount of disconnectedness you need in order to dissect a human body. I had finally mastered this disconnectedness during the arm and hand sections, but when we hit the face I was full-out panic. Not only is the face incredibly human, it is also completely irrelevant. If I am ever cutting into someone’s face as an OT, then I am probably doing something wrong and won’t ever be a practicing OT again due to law suits and jail-time. And don’t even get me started about the eye and its muscles. Looking at the eye muscles from inside the skull and poking at the eye to see the muscles, an eye that is deflated and discolored by the way, is not a site that anyone should ever have to see.

Then on for week 7, this week, which is only half-way over. This week we dissected the pharynx, larynx, and tongue so far. Also gross- but not as bad as the eye because by now the entire skull is cut in half in a sagittal plane. It no longer seems human which makes studying a little bit easier now. Tomorrow and Friday I will be studying the abdomen, stomach, and intestines… and for some odd reason they throw in skinning the testicles tomorrow too. Let me just say, watch out guys… because every girl in gross anatomy is going to know how to do that by the end of the day tomorrow.

On that note, I need to leave for my tutoring session in the lab. 2 tests down, 2 to go. Phew.. Happy holiday!


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