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Oahu Day 2: Pearl Harbor, Snorkeling, & SUPing

Today was a full day!

All of us were up by 5:30 a.m. because we are still getting used to the time change, so we had some time before we had to leave for Pearl Harbor.

After breakfast, we decided to go snorkeling. We all unwrapped our snorkel gear (yes, buy on amazon and bring some. It’s so much cheaper than renting!) and headed out to the beach. We spend at least an hour exploring the lagoon and trying to flag each other down when we saw a big fish. By the end of it, our legs were pretty tired from the flippers and we decided to head to the pool area instead.

We still had about 30 minutes before we had to leave for Pearl Harbor, so decided to go on the body slides. Of course my cousins challenged me to go down the slide without screaming one bit – guess what? I did it! But it was harder than I thought.

Next was Pearl Harbor. We all hopped in the car and drove about 25 minutes to the harbor. We had tickets for the movie and boat ride, and luckily we made it in time! The movie was about the history of Pearl Harbor and exactly how the attack happened and why the US had a somewhat delayed reaction to the attack. Confused at what I’m getting at? Short history lesson here: the US thought that the Japanese attack planes were their own planes that were due in from California that day. When a few of the men were concerned, they told them “not to worry about it.”

The movie was really eye opening and I actually really enjoyed it. I’m not a huge history gal, but it was neat to learn about the history via a film and then be able to step outside and see exactly where it all happened. All of the men there that day and all of the men who helped afterwords should have all of the honor in the world.

After the movie, we went on a boat where they showed us the memorial. Last time I was here, we were able to go into the memorial, but it has been under construction for awhile due to excess movement.

After Pearl Harbor we drove back to the hotel and enjoyed the sun by the beach and pool. We also rented some Stand Up Paddle boards (SUPs!) for an hour and took turns out in the lagoon. Once we were done with that, we all cleaned up and walked over to the “secret beach” that we found last time and took some really beautiful sunset pictures.

All of the good sunset pictures and the GoPro footage of SUPing will be posted at a later date after I have a computer to upload them to.

Overall today was really great! Next is the DVC meeting, Dole Plantation, and more beach.

Ah, vacation.

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