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I’m A Faithful Christian & I Support The LGBTQ+ Community

I’ve gone back and forth about writing a post like this for a long time, but then I realized…this is MY blog, so what the hay, I’m going to write it! No one is forcing you to read this, and this is my outlet.

All commenting privileges will be turned off on this post. I will not accept, nor read, any harsh comments towards me or my beliefs. Thank you for your cooperation. 

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This book ^ Homosexuality and the Bible by Walter Wink ^ was one of the best religious tools that I have ever used. Honestly!

College is a time where everyone’s various views are thrown at you and its your time to decide what you believe and not just what your parents raised you to believe. College is also a time where you join a variety of different clubs and organizations and learn more about who you are.

In order to give life an adequate shot and to have an open mind, I decided to explore a variety of views and beliefs. One of the organizations on campus that I am a part of is a religious organization. While the organization itself hasn’t made a stand on its belief regarding the topic of LGBTQ, it has become apparent through conversations with several of its members about their stand on the controversial topic. Side note: I love the people in this organization and their love for Jesus. That isn’t the point here. 

I could have reacted in one of two ways. I could have shut down and told them that I completely disagree with their views and list all of the reasons why, or I could have had an open mind, listened, and reflected on why I think what I believe is right. I chose the latter, thank goodness, as should you.

It’s important to have an open mind and learn more about other people’s views and why they believe them. It’s naive and, to put it frankly, immature to simply shut yourself down from other people’s opinions. In fact, it probably isn’t because you’re so strong in your own views but rather because you’re scared of opening yourself up to a new belief that may be something opposite of what you’re used to. It is because of that reason why I decided to open myself up to other beliefs.

I spent upwards half of a year thinking, praying, and studying about this topic in particular. After awhile, I realized how much I was doubting myself when I was trying to see the other side of the argument — that God only wants a man to be with a woman and a woman to be with a man. This book doesn’t only focus on that, but also sex and sexuality in general, though I won’t get into that on this post.

The thing that really pushed me over the edge was this book. You’re probably thinking “well, obviously you agree with that book! It was your original opinion!” Ah, slow down quick one. Might I remind you the time that I spent dwelling over this topic with an open, curious mind?

I dove into this book because my home Pastor showed it to me when he heard that I was struggling. This book makes it much more clear, and it focuses on an extremely important aspect that most Christians simply ignore – historical context!

Back then, the church made rules in order to keep people in line because the church had much more power in society. Today, people don’t take historical context into consideration when studying the bible. In fact, I’d bet that most Christians never even considered historical context when studying the bible. Yes, you might be the exception. I am generalizing here. 

History is something that surrounds our daily lives, so why aren’t people contributing it to their religious studies as well?

Now, I’m no expert on this topic and I completely recognize that, but Walter Wink has spent some time studying this topic and he puts it into the very understandable booklet pictured above. In fact, to make those of you who are weary about this idea feel a little bit better, he recognizes the other side of the argument in his book as well. He makes a very fair argument including both sides of this argument.

As for me, I’m about done exploring both sides. I can’t call myself a Christian while believing that God is against the love that these people have. Isn’t love what it’s all about? The 2 greatest commandments? I don’t want to get into this argument too much because this post is getting long enough and I’d like you to read this book for yourself. Remember, reading it doesn’t mean you’re agreeing with it – you’re just expanding your understanding instead of possibly blindly following what you’ve been told when you were little. Give the book a try. Expand your understanding of the bible with a historical lens. Use my contact form if you’d like to find a copy of the book. Do not use my contact form to shove your outstanding opinions on me to try and change my mind.

I’ve done my part, and now it’s time for you to do yours.