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I Asked, She Said Yes! ~ Trevor

Now that I’m back at school and everyone has been asking about my ring and how Trevor asked, we decided to write it on here so that everyone can partake in our magical moment!

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From Trevor:

The *secret* process started before we even moved out of our apartments in the spring. I say secret because we had designed her ring a month or so before with her involved.

It started when I got confirmation from the Jeweler (shout out to Jill and Lustig Jewelers in Vernon Hills, IL) that the ring was ready. I chose to have Alison’s parents pick it up because they live close to the jeweler and that way I didn’t have to have it shipped to school. When they came down to help her move out, we were in the elevator and Paul had it in his pocket when Alison was 1 foot away and she had no clue what was happening. When we got out of the elevator, Kristy and Alison were walking ahead of Paul and me, and Paul slipped me the ring. I went straight to my room and hid it in the bottom drawer of my dresser under clothes I never wear.

After that, it was all down to how I would ask. This took some thought, preparation, and help. I knew where I wanted it to happen, at the duck pond where we would go to study freshman year and where I realized I love her. I decided to make it all a 2-step process. One with a kite and one with me asking her to marry me. The kite was based on something she had said. So, I made two plans, went to the duck pond to scout it out, and then on a computer I plotted it out on a map. From there, I had to recruit photographers (shout out to Ryan Brooks and Ryan Blechle). After I found them, I gave them the plan that I made.

All of this was done in the 2 or 3 days that I was back in St. Louis for our summer class and Alison was not yet back. I was actually in the process of scouting out the area while Alison was getting into town and she saw that my location was over there and asking what I was doing, getting excited that I was going to ask that day. I had to lie to her and say that I was playing a game so that she wouldn’t find out, and she didn’t!

After that, I had the plan, the photographers, and the ring. All I had to do after that was figure out when I could ask. I had to schedule with the photographers. After I figured out when, it was just a waiting game. I waited about 3 weeks from the time I planned it all out and the time I asked. Fast forward a few weeks – Alison was at work and I went out to Michaels to get a couple of thin rods, some string, and some fabric. I hid that in my closet and then Friday night, the night after the first gross anatomy exam, we had a little date night!

We went to a park with food trucks with some friends and then we got to spend some time alone together. During this time, we made the kite and I set it aside and waited until the next day. Again, she was at work and I was just sitting around all day, waiting in anticipation. She came over after work and I made her dinner and Ryan Blechle (my roommate) and his girlfriend (Abby) came in as we were eating. Now, Alison has suspected (SOMEHOW…) that this was happening tonight and she thought that Ryan had something to do with it…which she was right, BUT, it worked out perfectly because he and Abby wore some pretty bright & obvious clothing and said they were going out to a restaurant. In reality, they changed afterwards into more generic, subdued clothing so that they could remain hidden. They went out to the duck pond and waited for us to get there. Then Alison and I finished our food and I convinced her to go on a walk around the pond and fly our kite.

We got to the pond and went out to the open area by the gazebo to fly our kite. After tossing it in the air, it didn’t go anywhere. So then Alison told me to try and run and fly it. So…we tried that. Umm, it went up maybe 15 feet and took a nose dive where it broke into several pieces. We went to assess the damage and try to fix it, to no avail. It was a major fail, but very hysterical and very fun and it actually worked out kind of how I imagined it. From there, we took a short walk around the pond and sat down on the bench – the same bench that I realized I was in love with her. I gave her a little awkward speech and we stood up…and she started to walk away. She had thought that this would happen in the gazebo (because that is where we saw another couple get engaged freshman year), but I had other plans. I stopped her, told her to wait, and then told her how much I love her and how I want to spend the rest of my life with her by my side. Then, of course, I got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry me.

Surprise! She said yes!

After that I pointed out the photographers all around us. One was one the roof of the parking garage and the other was moving around in several spots. After that we took several photos and the rest is history.

Now we are engaged and I still love her, more and more each and every day. I can’t wait until the day that I get to see her walk down the aisle and say I DO!


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