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Wedding Update – Venue Style

Over a much needed fall break from school, Trevor and I went with my parents to look at a few of the venue options that they had previously explored. We visited three different locations.

  1. Marriott Hotel

This one was okay, but there were too many downsides. We knew that we definitely didn’t want a ballroom, so that was out of question. Instead, the Marriott had 3 different weather-controlled tents. We looked at two of them. One of them was much too small and the walls were moving too much with the wind. The other one was mostly beautiful.. 2 of the 4 sides were clear and looked out to a nature scene and lake with a fountain. I say mostly because the entire right side of the tent overlooked a public area including their outdoor pool, which would definitely be in use on a July afternoon. The back side of the tent is where you enter, but it is directly connected to the hotel, so when you walk up to the tent it feels like you’re walking through the tunnel to an airplane. In addition, the bathrooms were out the tent, down the hall, down another hall, into the restaurant, and then you get there. I don’t want people getting lost on their way to and from the restroom! To top it all off, the mother of a bride that was getting married that day told us about the management. Not to our surprise, the Marriott likes to make money in every possible way. Just to use their projector would be an extra few hundred dollars! I don’t think so. Needless to say, we left that venue knowing it wasn’t for us.



2. The Onion Pub

The second venue we toured is called the Onion Pub. It’s a restaurant near home and has a large room hidden in the back of the restaurant. It was nice, but it had some major color issues. The chairs they had were the only chairs available unless we wanted to spend an extra $1,500 for nicer chairs. I don’t think so! The chairs were a sage color and the curtains were a mustard yellow. It wasn’t exactly the look we were going for. There was also a little bit too much wood for our style. We want rustic, but we didn’t want log cabin. There are definitely ways to make the place look nicer, we just weren’t willing to put in the money to do so.

Picture Credit Here

And the sage…


3. NOAH’s event Venue

The final venue that we toured was Noah’s. You rent the entire building and it has an elegant rustic feel. You also choose your own decoration and a lot of them aren’t an extra charge. We also choose our own caterer at this location which gives us a lot of flexibility with how and what we want to serve. The place is absolutely beautiful, there are several hotels nearby, and there are no worries about the public peaking in. They even have a pool table available! How fun!?

Picture Credit Here

Can you guess which one we chose?


We are so excited! We even signed the contract!

Alison Bennett -> Alison Hanlon            07/11/2020



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