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Wedding Website Sneak Peak!

Trevor and I have been using this website called the knot to work on our wedding details and it has been so much fun! They have all of these tips and links to venues, caterers, wedding dress boutiques, photographers, and more. Basically anything you can think of you can find on there. No this isn’t an ad, but it sure does sound like one!

Anyway, one of Trevor’s friends got married last year and they made their wedding website through the knot and had all of the wedding info on there and the RSVP (guests only, of course) as well as their registry. Trevor and I liked the idea and thought it was cute — whether or not we use it for the RSVP? We will see.

We’ve made the website and it was a blast! Not all of the information is on there yet because it’s still so far away and we still have a lot of details to work out. We DO have the date, venue, accommodations, and pictures on there. We don’t have the wedding party yet (and probably won’t until at least this summer) or the registry, which will come well after the wedding party announcement.

We decided to do something cute with the site, though! We decided to do a His and Her Story about how we met and what has happened since.

I’m not going to publish the site until we have more things figured out, but here’s a sneak peak into the website at our His and Her Stories!

Trevor’s Story:

I met Alison at the very beginning of freshman year because she lived across the hall from me. In high school I didn’t really have any friends who were girls, so when she kept coming to my room I didn’t expect it to lead to anything… but she kept coming and made it her mission to become my best friend. I was doubtful. To my surprise, we became best friends pretty soon after. This friendship led to me falling in love with her. Unfortunately I couldn’t pursue anything at the time and felt that God told me to be patient and wait. So I waited on His timing until, finally, it was time! We started dating and it’s been amazing ever since, loving my best friend and spending time with her whenever we can. She makes me happy and smile and I love to watch her laugh because her cheeks get so big. I love spending time with her and I just love everything about her. I am so excited to marry my best friend! I can’t wait to see her as my wife, a loving mother, an occupational therapist, a friend to many, and so much more. I can’t wait to spend my life with her in every way. I can’t wait to make her mine. I love you Alison, so much. ALL the much!


Alison’s Story:

It would be an understatement to say that I forced myself into Trevor’s life. He was, and is, such a cool kid and I just really wanted to be friends with him. Against all of my intentions, I found myself starting to like him a tad bit more than I had originally planned. I wanted to hang out with him all the time and my family noticed that I started to talk about him a lot more as time went on. I suppose it was just something that I couldn’t hide anymore. After a lot of hard decisions, I decided that my heart was all his. We started dating our sophomore year of college and haven’t looked back since. He is exactly the man that I need in my life for the rest of my life. He makes me feel safe, he makes me feel happy, he makes me feel loved. I can’t wait to see our lives move into the next stage! The type of man every girl dreams of when they’re little is now my reality. I can’t wait to see you as my husband and father to our mini-me’s. Here’s to a lifetime full of love and laughs with my one and only, Trevor.


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