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Best Cafe in St. Louis

Do you like coffee? Tea? Fluffy Belgian waffles? Breakfast potatoes? Breakfast burritos? Fresh fruit? Helping people? Supporting a good cause? ME TOO! That’s why I love Bloom Cafe!

Bloom Cafe – About

Bloom Cafe believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live and work independently. They’re connected to Paraquad, a St. Louis nonprofit organization that strives to help people with disabilities live independent and fulfilling lives. 

Bloom Cafe has a training program where students learn about food preparation, food handling, customer service, and workplace etiquette. They also have an internship where they build skills and experience at Bloom and other partnered local restaurants. Once these interns are job-ready, Paraquad helps them find (& maintain) jobs in the community. 

Bloom Cafe – Menu

Above you can download their menu which includes their prices. The “normal” size menu can be found on their website, but because Bloom is extra aware of making themselves adaptive and accessible to all, they have provided a large print menu as well!

Speaking of prices… they’re really great. Bloom is reasonably priced AND it goes to a great cause! Not only is your coffee a whole dollar cheaper than Starbucks, but it’s going back to the community to help those with disabilities live independent lives. How amazing is that?

They’ve also just recently opened for a Sunday Brunch!

P.S. Did I mention that their mocha is made with Ghirardelli Chocolate? Yep.

Bloom Cafe – Seating & More

Seating at Bloom is amazing. The place is spacious and incredibly clean. It’s a great place to meet a friend & to study – go to Bloom for any occasion, really! Here’s a few pictures I took when I was there, but only from where I was seated. Sorry for the lack of photography… I had finals to study for!

This is a picture of the conference room that you can reserve.
You bet that Bloom will be seeing me more this coming semester!

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