Personal Journey

How did I survive?

The time has come where I can say that I <somehow> survived my first semester of grad school.

It feels great!

That’s so weird to say… I’m in grad school? Time really does fly. I remember when I was a freshman in the program and accidentally turned in a one page paper formatted in only one paragraph… oops!

I can’t say that this semester was easy, but it was definitely worth it. The hard work will definitely pay off in the end. It’s also pretty cool that I’m learning actual occupational therapy stuff now and less of occupational science. Even though some classes were much more exciting than others, at least they’re all relevant now (unlike those chemistry classes we had to take…)

This is the longest break I’ve had from school since last winter break thanks to Gross Anatomy. It’s a relief to say the for the next month, I don’t have to do any school work! I don’t even have anything that I can be studying for. There’s nothing that I can do ahead of time, and there’s nothing lingering over me making me feel like I should be productive. I finally have some time to relax and enjoy time with my family and friends!

This winter break I plan to watch a lot of Friends (as if I didn’t already do that before…), read some books from the library, watch some Christmas movies, use some of my bath bombs, do some much needed therapy baking, and get back into doing a devotional. I might even do some running…. we will see if that actually happens though.

I’ve only been home for a few hours and I’ve already completely unpacked and wrapped the huge pile of presents that were in my room. Thanks Amazon for making Christmas shopping EXTRA easy!

Time to kick back and relax with a cup o’ tea or hot chocolate and enjoy the Christmas tree all lit up!

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