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Bullet Journaling – A NY Resolution

I usually don’t try New Years Resolutions because, quite frankly, they usually don’t work out for people. But this year I decided to try to do another bullet journal…. yeah, another… I’ve tried a few times.

BUT! As if I’m the only one that says this, I think that this time is different. Yeah, I know, don’t laugh. It’s been a lot of fun making my layout. The reason that I think this year will be different is because I’m not putting in the calendar aspect that most people do. I decided to have school and events stick to my agenda and everything else fun gets to go in my bullet journal. Not having a calendar in it saves a lot of designing time and paper for if I don’t end up using the calendar aspect of it.

My bullet journal definitely is not done, but I have a pretty great start! Here’s your preview —

Front cover
Books to read (left), Movies to watch (right)
Gym tracker (left), Quiet time (right)
Weekly schedule
Blog ideas (left), Weekly goals for spring semester (right)
Weekly meal plan
Spring goals (left), Inspirational quotes (right)
Word of the year (left), TV shows to watch (right)
January goals (left), Wedding checklist (right)
Wedding continued (left), 30-day abs challenge (right)
Dinner ideas (left), Breakfast ideas (right)

1 thought on “Bullet Journaling – A NY Resolution”

  1. I really struggled with forward planning in a traditional bullet journal layout so I now have an academic year diary (kind of hobonichi layout) and then run a bullet journal alongside.
    That’s the beauty of the system, it’s so adaptable!


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