15 Things To Know About Trump’s Temper Tantrum.

Now that the government shutdown is really starting to affect us everyday folk (which isn’t said to lessen anyone who has already been personally affected by this shutdown), I’ve decided to do some actual research on what is happening to our country. Day 19 of the shutdown and counting…

You can be someone who doesn’t like to talk about politics, but you should choose not to be ignorant to how our country is in a slow downfall due to “President” Trump’s temper tantrum. Speaking of tantrums, you know how it’s polite to not look at a child/her or her parents during a public tantrum, like at a store, out of respect? Well this tantrum is one that is not to be ignored.

I’ve never been a fan of trump and it terrifies me daily that I have to live in a world where he is President. Anyway…

Here’s what you need to know…

  1. We are only 3 days away from breaking the record for the longest government shutdown, which started in 1995 and ended in 1996.
  2. The FDA is currently affected by the shutdown. This means FDA inspectors are not looking for salmonella in breakfast cereal, E. coli in romaine lettuce, or listeria in ice cream.
  3. Our airport security is at risk due to TSA workers not being paid, causing people to not show up to their shift due to needing to work shifts elsewhere, you know, where they’ll get paid so that they can continue to make ends meet. They will get paid when the government shutdown is over, but most cannot wait that long due to bills and the need to eat food. The funny part? Airports are a bigger source of illegal entry than the border!
  4. It is predicted that the shutdown will last weeks longer, not just days.
  5. Trump is blaming democrats for their resistance while also starting a story saying that Mexico will be indirectly paying for the wall due to a new trade deal.
  6. 38 million people could lose their food stamps and thousands could lose their homes without the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  7. Nancy Pelosi told trump to “stop holding American’s hostage” and to stop creating a “crisis” due to the border.
  8. It is still a possibility that Trump will declare a national emergency to divert military funds in order to build the wall.
  9. While meeting with congressional leaders, Trump called the government shut down a “game”
  10. Trump tweeted: “Just left a meeting with Chuck and Nancy, a total waste of time. I asked what is going to happen in 30 days if I quickly open things up, are you going to approve Border Security which includes a Wall or Steel Barrier? Nancy said, NO. I said bye-bye, nothing else works! ….yes, our president TWEETED this… another reason why I said temper tantrum.
  11. The majority of Americans are inclined to blame trump and Republicans rather than Democrats for the shutdown.
  12. A very interesting way to understand the situation, thanks to CNN: With every passing day, the stakes of giving in get that much higher. Think of it like this: You are at Disney World and have stupidly forgot FastPasses. Your kids REALLY want to go on some ride. The line is two hours long. You start to wait. It is WAY easier to say, “screw this, kids, we’ll come back later” when you have been in line for 10 minutes. It’s MUCH harder to say the same thing and walk away when you have been in line for 90 minutes. You just have a lot more invested in seeing the thing through.
  13. During the latest meeting, according to the New York Times, Trump hit his fist on the table and stormed out of the room. T.E.M.P.E.R. T.A.N.T.R.U.M.
  14. Even Senate Republicans are nervous about this shutdown.
  15. The shutdown’s economic damage: $1 billion a week.


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