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Trevor’s Engagement Ring?

Ever heard of a man-gagment ring? I hadn’t either until a few months ago when one of my male co-workers was wearing his wedding ring before his wedding. I got really confused about it, but then he explained it to me. After that, I realized how weird it was that only the ladies wear an engagement ring.

Trevor Has an Engagement Ring?

Why is that? I get that men usually don’t want to wear jewelry unless necessary, but let’s think beyond that. Why is it that only women wear the symbol of committment until “fully” committed? I mean, it isn’t just something shiny that you get to look at when you’re bored. Only women walk around with the “I’m taken” look while men are wide open until the wedding day.

I talked with Trevor about the meaning of my engagement ring, and it was much more than just a pretty accessory.

Considering we have a 2 year engagement, this is what the ring means to us…

  • Committment to spending the rest of our lives together
  • An outward representation of a new relationship status
  • The love that I have with the one who gave it to me
  • That I am most definitely out of the dating pool

So, with that said, why is it that only I wear this symbol? Why doesn’t he?

To be clear, I was never rooting for him to wear anything. I was more so just talking about what I had learned. It was actually him who mentioned he wouldn’t mind wearing one. After talking about the commitment that the ring means to us, we decided together that he should wear one on his hand as well.  Not to mention he is pretty darn good lookin’ and, I’m not gonna lie, it would be nice if the ladies knew he was off the market. 

So anyway, Trevor has a sort of engagement ring I guess you’d say, and he will get a nicer one at the wedding. The current ring is a special kind of ring that is safe for men who work out a lot (don’t know what I’m talking about? Just google “Jimmy Kimmel’s ring finger”)… And after the wedding he can wear this one when he’s active!

Think it’s weird that he’s doing this? Good thing you aren’t the one engaged to him.


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