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I Became an Adult in One Week

I became an adult in one week... well that is what it felt like anyway. I'm not talking about graduating college a few weeks ago, though it definitely helps to have a degree I'm sure. I'm talking about REAL adult things. Let me explain.. This summer I decided to stay put in St. Louis so… Continue reading I Became an Adult in One Week

Adventure, Personal Journey

Yoga With Me This Summer!

I have officially moved into my *first ever* house, a STL Brownstone! This summer I will be focusing on working and enjoying my first full summer off since the summer after my freshman year of college. As I prepare for vacations and, umm, a wedding coming up in a year, I figured I should start… Continue reading Yoga With Me This Summer!

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Mind Dump: UNC Shooting

I'm currently taking a mental health for occupational therapy course and each week we start with a short mindfulness activity. These activities have been really great and I've learned a few new techniques to calm and center myself, but going into those different techniques isn't the point of this post. This post is just one… Continue reading Mind Dump: UNC Shooting