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Mind Dump: UNC Shooting

I’m currently taking a mental health for occupational therapy course and each week we start with a short mindfulness activity. These activities have been really great and I’ve learned a few new techniques to calm and center myself, but going into those different techniques isn’t the point of this post. This post is just one of the ways I’ve learned mindfulness – a “mind dump”. A mind dump is when you take a few minutes to type out all of your feelings on a certain topic. It is usually used when you’re stressed about something or when something is often on your mind.


Here’s my mind dump about today’s events in 5 minutes of thought time. [timer starts now]

I was able to sleep in this morning which was really nice. Class was canceled because we had gotten through all the material earlier this week. I was walking to get my coffee and bagel at the library and to print some study guides when I was looking at the news on my phone. Here I saw the shooting at UNC. After reading about the man who decided to tackle the gunman instead of run, I had several thoughts that went through my head.

  1. I would never have had the courage to do that
  2. Why am I not hearing about this shooting until now? Oh, becuase they’re becoming so common…
  3. Why are these shooting becoming so common?
  4. What other times has this happened recently that I haven’t heard of?
  5. What makes a person want to do such an awful thing?
  6. What school is next?
  7. What if it’s SLU?
  8. Those kids went to class that day to give final presentations…
  9. You never know what school is next.
  10. What if I were in that classroom?
  11. What if my fiance was in that classroom?
  12. How would I move on if one of my friends was in that classroom and got hurt?
    1. or worse…
  13. Those students had dreams for their future…
  14. I can’t imagine going through that
  15. What has my school prepared for in that type of situation?
  16. I kind of never want to leave my room again…
  17. It seems like every generation has to go through something bad, why do school shootings have to be ours?


And the 5 minutes is up… I could’ve kept going. It felt so short. I feel a little bit better after letting it out. I think you would too. Maybe you should try a mind dump. It only takes a few minutes…


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