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Yoga With Me This Summer!

I have officially moved into my *first ever* house, a STL Brownstone! This summer I will be focusing on working and enjoying my first full summer off since the summer after my freshman year of college. As I prepare for vacations and, umm, a wedding coming up in a year, I figured I should start thinking about being more fit. This summer I’m planning on committing myself to doing yoga, especially now that I have a private space to complete it in silence and with good intentions.

Yoga With Me This Summer!.png

I looked online for some yoga places nearby and O.M.G. they’re expensive! So instead of putting in a downpayment on yoga classes, I decided to use my resources and venture onto YouTube.

Here are some of the video’s I’ve found and love…

  1. Love Yoga Flow 
  2. Fat Burning Yoga
  3. Healthy Energy Flow
  4. Hips & Hamstrings
  5. Strengthen & Lengthen
  6. Yoga Tone
  7. Core Power

I hope you check out the videos too! After I complete them, I felt like I’m oozing with relaxation while also getting in a solid workout. Sound like something you need?


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