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I Became an Adult in One Week

I became an adult in one week… well that is what it felt like anyway. I’m not talking about graduating college a few weeks ago, though it definitely helps to have a degree I’m sure. I’m talking about REAL adult things.

Let me explain..

This summer I decided to stay put in St. Louis so that I can work, mostly because I’m going to be gone on vacation for part of the summer and no one wants to hire someone for the summer who will miss part of June and another part of July and then start school mid August. That just isn’t appealing, but I’m not sure why… 😉

Anyway, I stayed in St. Louis to work and here is how my past week has gone:

It started Friday morning where I went for a job interview in order to get some extra hours at a summer camp for before and after care so that I could work at camp (job #2) before my job #1 and on the 2 days of the week I don’t work at my job #1. After the interview I went straight to work at job #1 and about an hour in to the work day a coworker walks in and said that my car got hit in the parking lot …. well fudge.

The next 1.75 hours involved me standing in the hot, St. Louis sun with a police officer and the guy who “hit”my car when in reality it was his wife illegally driving his car who hit my car and left … that’s a different story.

Finally that was done and I was able to continue the rest of my work day. I get home and pull into the garage and continue with the rest of the night. Luckily, I had a long weekend to recover from the stress of that day which included bike rides and resting in the cool A/C.

Come along Tuesday and I’m dealing with getting car estimates and working. Tuesday night Trevor and I had an event at church and ate the biggest and best cupcakes of my life! I should’ve taken a picture. Then comes Wednesday and I work all day and try to figure out hiring paperwork with the HR department at job #2.

Come Thursday, I have a volunteer meeting with church, a dental appointment for a (hopefully just a) cavity filling, and then a parent info meeting for camp, with hopefully enough time for my mouth to regain sensation beforehand.

Bring on Friday and I’ll have a doctors appointment in the morning, go straight to work, and come home for a late dinner. Saturday I’ll be babysitting. Sunday I’ll be volunteering and attending church. Monday I start work all over again! I’ll be working 44 hours next week and I’ll end the week entertaining my future in-laws for the weekend.

But each night I get to come home to the best man I’ve ever known, talk about our days, snuggle on the couch while we watch the next episode in whatever TV series we are on (currently Breaking Bad), read before bed, and sleep for the next day!

My sneak peak of adult life may have had some sticky, painful moments, but it isn’t half bad. So far, I’m enjoying it! Here’s to another day, another dollar.

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