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Fear of Flying? Tips & Tricks.

I used to have a pretty bad fear of flying that I’d semi-bottle up into myself while trying to joke about it on the outside with my family. My fingers would get all tingly and my stomach would feel like its turning in knots. I’d think to myself how stupid it was to be feeling this way but couldn’t shake the feeling as I looked at the time trying to plan my bathroom break close enough to the flight so that I wouldn’t have to go on it but far enough so that I wouldn’t miss our boarding time. I’ve been flying since I was a itty bitty, there’s no reason I should suddenly be nervous of flying.

Well, now that I’m older I’ve seen those small video clips on the weather channel app titled “Unexpected Turbulence Causes Flight Attendant To Hit the Ceiling” and “Plane Gone Missing with 205 Passengers On Board” or something else along those lines (the first one actually was a title that I saw just earlier this week.)

Over the years where my anxiety has seemed like a rollercoaster ride, I’ve learned different techniques that help me chill the f*%& out, so I hope that these will help you with your future travels as well!

  1. Go to the bathroom approximately 20 minutes before your boarding time. This is close enough that you won’t feel a dire need to pee 5 minutes after you get on the plane, but far enough that you won’t miss boarding time even if they start a little bit early.
  2. Along with the previous tip, don’t drink anything within an hour before your flight, and if you need to just drink some small sips. This will allow your body to process all that previous liquid and get it out of you before your flight
  3. Get comfortable! I know you have a limited space being in an airplane, but making yourself comfortable will help you feel more relaxed.
  4. Bring earplugs and/or headphones! Listening to music during turbulence always helps calm me down, and wearing earplugs or blasting that music after turbulence helps calm the nerves about the little kid (or worse…adult…) behind me barfing.
  5. Speaking of that…Locate the barf bag. I know, ew..but it gives me piece of mind just knowing it’s there in case I need it. I mean, be real. It’s comforting knowing if the worse happens, you’re not going to ruin your outfit and have to sit in it for the remainder of your flight. Spoiler alert: I haven’t needed it…yet!
  6. BREATHE during turbulence. I don’t mean like normal, everyday breathing. Focus on those breaths. I find that focusing on my ins and outs helps me feel less nauseous because sometimes I find myself holding my breath during the bumps which doesn’t help one bit! It feels a heck of a lot better to feel those breaths during the turbulence because focusing on your breath has calming effects.
  7. Bring a water bottle. Whether that means buying one after security or bringing in an EMPTY reusable one and filling it in at the airport, it’s nice to have both before and during the flight. I like to take a nice sip of cold water after experiencing any discomfort on board. It, too, helps calm the body.

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