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Mind Dump: UNC Shooting

I'm currently taking a mental health for occupational therapy course and each week we start with a short mindfulness activity. These activities have been really great and I've learned a few new techniques to calm and center myself, but going into those different techniques isn't the point of this post. This post is just one… Continue reading Mind Dump: UNC Shooting

Personal Journey

Trevor’s Engagement Ring?

Ever heard of a man-gagment ring? I hadn't either until a few months ago when one of my male co-workers was wearing his wedding ring before his wedding. I got really confused about it, but then he explained it to me. After that, I realized how weird it was that only the ladies wear an… Continue reading Trevor’s Engagement Ring?

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My Experience in Acute Care

This past week I was able to complete my level one fieldwork. I was placed in acute rehab in a step-down ICU working with adults who have experiences seizures, strokes, spinal cord injuries/surgeries, and traumatic brain injuries.  I went into my level two fieldwork meeting with my fieldwork coordinator talking about the various setting that… Continue reading My Experience in Acute Care


15 Things To Know About Trump’s Temper Tantrum.

Now that the government shutdown is really starting to affect us everyday folk (which isn't said to lessen anyone who has already been personally affected by this shutdown), I've decided to do some actual research on what is happening to our country. Day 19 of the shutdown and counting... You can be someone who doesn't like to talk about politics, but you should choose not to be ignorant to… Continue reading 15 Things To Know About Trump’s Temper Tantrum.

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Bullet Journaling – A NY Resolution

I usually don't try New Years Resolutions because, quite frankly, they usually don't work out for people. But this year I decided to try to do another bullet journal.... yeah, another... I've tried a few times. BUT! As if I'm the only one that says this, I think that this time is different. Yeah, I know, don't laugh. It's been a… Continue reading Bullet Journaling – A NY Resolution

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A New Meaning to Christmastime

As you grow up, the holidays tend to change meaning. We can all recite from childhood that the "best part about holidays are being with your family" ... or at least that is what we were supposed to say. In reality we were all excited to get back to school in third grade and show… Continue reading A New Meaning to Christmastime

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How did I survive?

The time has come where I can say that I <somehow> survived my first semester of grad school. It feels great! That's so weird to say... I'm in grad school? Time really does fly. I remember when I was a freshman in the program and accidentally turned in a one page paper formatted in only… Continue reading How did I survive?