2 Words: Obsession & Compulsion

Did you know that it is mental health awareness month? Well, it is! I've talked about my issues with general anxiety disorder before, but not so much about OCD. OCD is something that a lot of people can relate to, but also something that is often misused in conversation and is misunderstood. Coming from someone... Continue Reading →

My Mini 2017-2018 Testimony

Hi there- I was asked to prepare a mini testimony to share with my on-campus ministry group tonight. The testimony was meant to only include this school year. The intended audience was those at Chi Alpha Large Group tonight. Take a read if you're interested in learning more about my story! TESTIMONY SCHOOL YEAR 2017-2018... Continue Reading →

Worry Is A Worthless Endeavor

We've all experienced worry/anxiety at one point or another: tension with a friend, paying the bills next month, traveling, etc. There's a lot in the world that you can worry about, right? Well, worry is a trap. Let me preface with these three questions: what do you do for a living? What are you living... Continue Reading →

Live Fearless ~ Part One

Reaching out above the water, trying not to drown. So close to freedom, what is pulling me down? How do I fight it? Where do I find my strength? I've started reading more often because, well, why not? I decided to get Sadie Robertson's new book Live Fearless. The great thing about it is that... Continue Reading →

How To Ease Travel Anxiety

It's no secret that I'm one that worries about anything and everything. I've always been this way- ask my parents (or my second-grade teacher). There was always something to worry about. While I've definitely gotten better, I still have a long way to go. I also learned that not everyone can be as worry-free and... Continue Reading →

Worry – You’re not alone.

Worry is defined as when a person gives way to anxiety or unease. They allow their mind to dwell on things they cannot control. Ever since I was in Kindergarten I was always known to worry. I wasn't worried about my toys or my friends, but worried about everything a little kid shouldn't worry about.... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, God Sends You People

Today I went to get an echocardiogram. As usual, I was a ball of nerves knowing that it was coming. I knew it wouldn't be painful, but it's the unknown of the results that always catches me where it shouldn't. It's silly, I know, but that's just how I roll... or used to roll? On... Continue Reading →

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