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The Lie Too Many Christians Believe, Especially Women.

First, let me start with acknowledging that the bible has the power to transform our lives, but certain interpretations of it can cause great harm to many different individuals, maybe even you. This might be why you or someone else approach the bible with caution. Maybe you don't try to dive any deeper because you… Continue reading The Lie Too Many Christians Believe, Especially Women.

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I Became an Adult in One Week

I became an adult in one week... well that is what it felt like anyway. I'm not talking about graduating college a few weeks ago, though it definitely helps to have a degree I'm sure. I'm talking about REAL adult things. Let me explain.. This summer I decided to stay put in St. Louis so… Continue reading I Became an Adult in One Week

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Bullet Journaling – A NY Resolution

I usually don't try New Years Resolutions because, quite frankly, they usually don't work out for people. But this year I decided to try to do another bullet journal.... yeah, another... I've tried a few times. BUT! As if I'm the only one that says this, I think that this time is different. Yeah, I know, don't laugh. It's been a… Continue reading Bullet Journaling – A NY Resolution

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Best Cafe in St. Louis

Do you like coffee? Tea? Fluffy Belgian waffles? Breakfast potatoes? Breakfast burritos? Fresh fruit? Helping people? Supporting a good cause? ME TOO! That's why I love Bloom Cafe! Bloom Cafe - About Bloom Cafe believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live and work independently. They're connected to Paraquad, a St. Louis nonprofit organization… Continue reading Best Cafe in St. Louis

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Finding A Church Is Hard!

Finding a church really is a task. Now, I'm not saying that I can't just walk down the street for a mile in any given direction and find at least one, but just not one that I want to go to! As many of you may know, I am a fairly "liberal" person, if you… Continue reading Finding A Church Is Hard!