My Mini 2017-2018 Testimony

Hi there- I was asked to prepare a mini testimony to share with my on-campus ministry group tonight. The testimony was meant to only include this school year. The intended audience was those at Chi Alpha Large Group tonight. Take a read if you're interested in learning more about my story! TESTIMONY SCHOOL YEAR 2017-2018... Continue Reading →

Woodruff, WI

While up in Northern WI with my boyfriend and his family, I took a pitstop at my Grandparent's old cabin, as mentioned in my post "Dear Grandma Sandy." Enjoy!

Dear Grandma Sandy

Dear Grandma Sandy, I got the call from mom at 11:15pm. I knew that because she called at 11:15pm there was something wrong..she never stays up that late on a Sunday night! When she said she had news, I asked if it was good or bad. She replied bad. My heart sank and my mind... Continue Reading →

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