Worry Is A Worthless Endeavor

We've all experienced worry/anxiety at one point or another: tension with a friend, paying the bills next month, traveling, etc. There's a lot in the world that you can worry about, right? Well, worry is a trap. Let me preface with these three questions: what do you do for a living? What are you living... Continue Reading →

Disney Trip 2018

Trev and I chose to embark on a journey to Disney World...by ourselves. We will be updating this post at the end of every day so that we can add the fun adventures that we had! Be sure to come back and look at our next adventure. Day 1: Travel & Magic Kingdom We kicked... Continue Reading →

How To Ease Travel Anxiety

It's no secret that I'm one that worries about anything and everything. I've always been this way- ask my parents (or my second-grade teacher). There was always something to worry about. While I've definitely gotten better, I still have a long way to go. I also learned that not everyone can be as worry-free and... Continue Reading →

Nashville, TN 2017

Nashville, TN 2017 The first portion of Spring Break consisted of me and a few other close friends from Lutheran Campus Ministry going on a service trip to Nashville, TN. Friday: We left after classes and after a long drive arrived in Nashville around 6:30pm. We checked into our rental home after that and started... Continue Reading →

Woodruff, WI

While up in Northern WI with my boyfriend and his family, I took a pitstop at my Grandparent's old cabin, as mentioned in my post "Dear Grandma Sandy." Enjoy!

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